I thought you might like to know some background on our family story and why Cottrell Lake, and surrounding area, are so exceptional for us. During the 1920’s and 1950’s I had two sets of Great Grandparents settle and spend their summers at Cottrell Lake. Then years later, their children (two sets of my Grandparents) also settled and summered at Cottrell Lake. Amazingly, this set the stage for my parents to meet (at Cottrell Lake), become friends and later fall in love and get married!
Because Cottrell Lake was a special place for my Great Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents it became a special place for me. Thank God … because …
Unknowingly, I would meet my future wife at Cottrell Lake when I was about 5 years old. Yep, my beautiful wife and I spent many summers together as friends and one day friends was not enough and I asked her to marry me … at Cottrell Lake.
If all this is not enough, my wife Melissa’s family has deep roots at Cottrell too. Her grandparents, and later her mom and dad also enjoyed every summer at Cottrell Lake.
So, now it’s your turn. Come be part of the story or start your own. Come visit our area and The Farm at Cottrell Lake. It’s a great “four season” retreat for family and friends. Experience the amazing beauty of this place, like our families have for generations … and now, while you’re here, why not get married here,  too! Cheers!
~ Brian Kaufman

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